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Fear of Domination releases a new music video — El Toro

Unleash the bulls! The Finnish shock industrial metal -band Fear of Domination and Junkyard Films are releasing a new music video titled El Toro.

The video is starring testosterone filled Ricky Vendetta as El Toro and Sara Elektra as the graceful matadora. The video is directed and produced by Mikko Lehtonen from Junkyard Films and the song is composed by Johannes Niemi and Lasse Raelahti from Fear of Domination.

The story of El Toro is created by the vocalist and the lyricist Saku Solin. Solin describes, that El Toro is all about the life and how hard it is to love.

— El Toro is a story about two powers that are attracting each other like a magnet, even though they both understand, that it will always lead to a conflict, combat and competition. They are so attracted to each other and their combat, that they are simply unable to stop their never-ending game. Some force, an audience, a feeling is driving them to the same situation again and again, Solin says.

The vision of Solin was filmed in a horse stable in a city of Vantaa in Finland. The singer tells that the horse riding students were pretty confused, when there are suddenly over 30 people in their stable wearing black robes and masks.

— It was like some kind of a cult had arrived there! The expressions on the faces of the students and their parents were delicious. We had to struggle not to laugh. It was a pleasure to invite fans to the set and to participate in the film making.




With the new single Fear of Domination is heading towards a new album, which is about to be released in the beginning of 2016.

Fear of Domination was found in 2006, which is famous for its half-crazy and energetic live shows. The band has released three albums, from which the latest one Distorted Delusions was published in 2014.

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