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Almost six months after realeasing their new album “Nemesis”  DEAD ALONE have a special present for their fans. On the occasion of their 11th birthday the Death Metal combo from Munich realeases a remix to the song “Great New World”, created by the electronic artist LXEKR.

DEAD ALONE: „LXEKR already did some great samples for “Nemesis“ so we were sure that we wanted to work with him again. So we did. There were no rules or boundaries for him and we were as suprised at the result as you may be. At the end of the day we can say that the remix of “Great New World” turned out to be something completely different and thrilling. Hands down, LXEKR created a magnificent piece of music!“

LXEKR: „That was so much fun. As I was playing in a Death Metal band myself, I was able to identify with the idea of an remix, when the band asked me to do it.“Great New World“ was the ideal song as it creates a great feeling with its catchy riffs. Plus, introducing it in a new look matches the title perfectly.“



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