ANTROPOMORPHIA - veröffentlichen Anointment by Sin via Rock Hard

Hollands Death Metal-Legende ANTROPOMORPHIA veröffentlicht zweiten Song ihres neuen Albums 'Evangelivm Nekromantia' (erscheint am 19./22. Oktober) exklusiv auf der Seite des deutschen Rock Hard!
 AntropomorphiA haben den zweiten Song aus ihrem Comebackalbum Evangelivm Nekromantia der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich gemacht!

Besucht die Seite unserer guten Freunde vom Rock Hard Magazin, auf der ihr den exklusiven Stream findet.
HIER erwartet euch die ungezügelte Kraft von Anointment By Sin!

AntropomorphiA Sänger/Gitarrist Ferry Damen über den Song: "When we were recording vocals we invited our good friend Eclipse (Verbum Verus, ex-Sauron) to add some demented screams of suffering to the track 'Impure Desecration'. After this track was draped with eternal sickness I started to work on 'Anointment by Sin', a track that is part of the second chapter and basically handles about one of the female figures who gets murdered by her religiously obsessed husband who thinks of her and her new born flesh as unpure after she shared some perversive sexual acts with a woman, she believes is the true love of her life. Eclipse really liked this murder tale and added some vocals on this track as well…with crushing result"

Hört euch auf den Song zum Video Psuchagogia an!


1. Intro
2. Nekrophilian Mass
3. The Mourned and the Macabre
4. Debauchery in Putrefaction
5. Anointment by Sin
6. Fleisch
7. Impure Desecration
8. Psuchagogia
9. Nekrosophia
10. Evangelivm Nekromantia 


Release 19.10.2012

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