44MAG raw trash metal from the U.S.A

Worldwide there are many good trash metal Bands, also from Pennsylvania 44MAG are in any case to do so. The music style of the band does not fit difficult. The songs are similar to Slayer or Pantara, but most are pieces of a very unique sound characterized. Founded in 1998, the band around frontman Chad Warren quickly build a fan base. Already in 1999 the band released their first single, however, this is only available in the USA. 2001 was follwed by the second Single and in 2007 the album"Past Sins"

44Mag are a real insider tip for all trash-metal fans and are definitely worth a purchase. Anyone who is interested in the album of the band can get this on the band´s website.

Currently the band is looking for a German label in order to gain a foothold here.

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