NMM: Hallo Trev, thank you for taking the time for this interview.

NMM: In Heavy Metal more and more young people grow, some of them have heared of NWOBHM, but only bands like Iron Maiden, Diamond Head or Saxon. You're the lead singer of the band DEALER, a band who was one of the most important bands in the NWOBHM era. Please tell all the young guys something about the history of the band.

TREV: The band started in 1979, originally called ‘Lone Wolf’ but changed to Dealer in 1980/81. We toured extensively in the UK and released our first self-financed album/cassette in 1982 entitled ‘Boogie, Booze & Birds’. Then in 1984 we released our first single ‘Better Things To Do’. We supported Motorhead and Gary Moore along the way. After several line-up changes we got a deal with Ebony Records and released ‘First Strike’ in 1986, which we toured for a while but in 1987 we decided to quit Ebony and the band folded and re-formed as Vandamne, which folded in 1991.

The Greek label ONR released a CD of demo tracks entitled ‘Bootlegged’ in 2008 after finding us on ‘Myspace’ and the German label ‘High Roller Records’ released a vinyl version of the album in 2009. Many years later, in 2009, Dealer were asked to do a reunion show in our home town. We thought this would be fun and agreed to do it. So with 3 of the original members and a new drummer we did the show in 2010, and released a recording of the show; ‘The Final Concert’.  We had such a great time, we decided to carry on. Unfortunately Steve Tarrant (Ld GTR) was unable to continue with us so we found a new lead guitarist and hit the road again, including a tour of Russia in 2011. We played a few noteable gigs over the next couple of years including ‘Hard Rock Hell’ and ‘The Phoenix Festival’. ONR released a CD version of ‘First Strike’ in 2011 with 2 bonus tracks, and more recently the album has been released again in Russia (HTH Productions) with 4 bonus tracks. Sadly last year we lost Pete Gentil (Bass) and have only now got things going again with a new bassist.

NMM: In the early days you recorded many Demo's. If you compare, was it harder for a band to get a record deal? Your first album “First Strike” was released via Ebony Records. A label on that many NWOBHM bands was published. How you came to the record deal?

TREV: It’s always been hard to get a record deal! It’s easier to get your stuff out there now because of the internet. The world has become a much smaller place now. In the 80’s our manager was sending demos out to everyone, including Ebony who liked us, and gave us the deal.

NMM: In 1988 another demo was released and then there was a longer break. 2000 you published a new album with another record company. What was the reason for this break? And could you earn a financial success with the first Record?

TREV: As I said earlier, the band effectively folded in 1991. The 1988 albums were albums we recorded in my studio, purely for the fun of it. At this time we were all doing different things. I had left the ‘business’ and was running a recording studio. ‘Rock Factory Records’ was my own label. We never made any real money from any of these releases, they were just done for posterity.

NMM: 2000 you published four albums, then there was another break. What did you do in this time?

TREV: The albums you refer to were the ones we recorded in 1988, but didn’t release them til 2000… In 1991 we all went our separate ways. In 1996 Vandamne got a deal with a Japanese label ‘Zero Records’ and released a couple of albums with them, but that gets reeeeeally complicated!

NMM: If you playing with your band festivals or concerts, you are proud when you get some old records to sign it for a fan?

TREV: It’s always nice to meet fans old and new, especially in a foreign country. It’s great to see people singing along and knowing the words (sometimes better than me!)

NMM: There have been bootlegs and unofficial editions of band albums. Do you know such Records of Dealer? What was the most unique piece you saw in your career?

TREV: hehehe…. I was chatting online to guy from Poland one time, and he was referring to a very early demo which was recorded BEFORE we were Lone Wolf. I said that I had no longer got it. So he sent me a link to a site where I could download it!

NMM: 2013 died your bassist in an accident. It is always tragic to lose a bandmember. How do you deal with this loss?

TREV: The last year has been a very difficult time for myself and our manager particularely! Pete was my oldest and best friend, and he was our manager’s brother! I know it sounds like a cliché, but you never get over it, you just learn how to live with it……

NMM: I know it´s hard to talk about it. Now you announced some days ago a new man on the four strings. What plans do you have for future? How will it go on with DEALER? Will there be a new album in the Future?

TREV: It is hard, but we have to move on. Tom is an old friend of the band. It has been hardest for him. He is really good guy and fits in with the Dealer ‘family’ really well. We will NEVER forget Pete, but we must look forward now.We are planning to write and record a new album in the coming months. We have 1 shows to play this year first. ‘The Rock Den’ in London – November 29

NMM: You are now 40 years in the music business, how has everything changed, what has been better in the “good old days”? And can a musican get rich? or is it a lot of passion to playing in a band?

TREV: ooh, that’s a hard question to answer! Only a very few get rich! We certainly never did!! We do it because we love it. The industry has changed very much over the years. It became very hard to get gigs for many years, but I think that our genre is enjoying a come-back right now, with many festivals all over the world. I know that we are lucky enough to have established a name for ourselves back in the day, so it’s a little easier for us, but it always has, and always will be hard for new bands starting out.

NMM: I think you have seen a lot of young bands which one can you recommend?

TREV: I must be honest with you. We don’t really see many young bands! The kind of festivals etc that we play are all old bands like ourselves. But one name that comes to mind is Savage Messiah.

NMM: Thanks for this interview. The last words belong to you, what do you like to tell the world?

TREV: Firstly I want to thank all our fans, old and new for hanging in there for us. Without you we would be nothing.  Dealer are BACK! And we look forward to seeing you at one of our shows real soon! Keep the faith! Rock and Roll will live forever!  \m/



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