1998 sees the band from Hamburg "My Tide" the light of day. Founded by Stefan Frost and Tobias Norff, and shortly afterwards met Christina Rodemerk as a singer,the band. Already in 1999 the debut album "Tired" and there are some performances results, the band is accompanied by a drum machine. Shortly thereafter, the band separates itself from Christina and female vocals, it is laid to rest.
The mic does Stefan Frost now. Songs  he had originally composed for a side project, now appear under the name My Tide, the demo "sounding lead" is born. The millennium, the band announces a change in style to harder sounds.
2002 hires the band the drummer Christian Garagatti. A short time later the album "Impressions From A Dying World" is published by Twighligt ". In the period 2002 to 2004, the band played numerous gigs in northern Germany, here they rock the stage with bands like Disbelief, Funhouse, Torment, Debauchery, ASP, Mystic Circle, Noise Forest.
2004 leaving the band Twilight. Drummer Christian separates himself from My Tide, after the recording of their next album. Sascha Otto is now strengthening the band as a keyboardist and producer. 2006, the album "Love, lies, anguish." is published.  2006 is a turbulent year for My Tide, because Sascha leaves the band and for him comes a new drummer. Jörg Dakow now strengthening the band on drums.
Tobias Norff takes over a part of the vocals in 2008 and My Tide with Ingo Engelmann gets a 2nd guitarist. The band's sound evolved and is darker and harder. The first four songs for "This cold age" created in 2009 and to listen at the band's homepage and myspace.
For the first time in the history of My Tide now have two guitarists and two singers, now the band is changing the style yet again.

2010 the band created more songs for the album "This cold age" and the band proves on stage as a team. In 2011 the recording of "This Cold Age" will be completed and published the album with 7 new songs. But the band take no rest in the fall they will start the recordings for 10 new songs.

Line-up 2011:
Stefan Frost (Vocals, Gitarre, Keyboard)
Tobias Norff (Growls, Bass, Keyboards)
Jörn Dakow (Drums)




The album "This cold age" is 8 for purchase. The album you will get here: http://my-tide.de/cd_bestellung.php. Tip: The album is for fans of Doom Metal with Gothic influence. The Sound of My Tide is very varied and you will discover, when listening to the CD constantly highlights and new aspects in the songs. So I can only recommend this CD and it is a must for any good record collection.


Homepage: http://www.my-tide.de/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/mytidemusic
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MyTide
Blog: http://mytide.blogspot.com/


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